About Three Lakes Winery

Three Lakes Winery Illustration

Our History:

Three Lakes Winery has been making the Original Cranberry Wine since 1972. As the second oldest winery in Wisconsin, we have our roots in tradition of authentic wine flavor. The McCain family's unique wines are made from whole fruits and berries, no additional flavorings or juices added. If you've never tasted a fruit wine before - start with these!

Our Tasting Room:

Built in 1880, our historic tasting room is located within the Chicago and Northwestern train depot in Downtown Three Lakes. When tastings are available, you can taste up to 6 wines for free, but you’ll have a difficult time choosing!  The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, with a variety of award-winning wines, cute gifts and specialty foods available. Rain or Shine, it’s definitely worth a look around! Tastings typically end 15 minutes before the store closes, ending at 4:45pm Monday - Saturday and 4:15pm on Sunday.

Our Wines:

Unlike other fruit wineries, this wine is made using whole fruit without additional flavorings or juices—a difference you can taste! We process our fruit using 'whole berry' fermentation, which makes our wines very unique. Cranberry is still our best selling wine, but we offer a variety of fruits and blended grape wines for a variety of taste. Our wines are true table wines, therefore they contain between 10% and 12% alcohol. Our wines are also gluten free. According to the laws of the United States, you must be 21 years or older to order any wine, for yourself or as a gift.